I cannot believe I can finally call myself a second year medical student. As I see the pictures and posts pop up on my Facebook newsfeed, it feels like just yesterday when I was in their shoes.

The past year was one of the most amazing experiences I could ever ask for. I’ve grown tremendously as a person, and I don’t ever want to stop this process of learning. I haven’t been documenting the process throughout the many units since I’m already writing reflections for school. In other words, I was pretty dry of words. Now I think it’s a good time to look back.

Having the summer months in a clinical setting was quite the change. Instead of studying constantly, wait, no, I was still studying constantly. But this time, it was reading about things I saw during the day (or night), and filling in gaps in my knowledge. It sounds even more exhausting than being in school all day, but it didn’t feel that way. After a long day seeing patients, I would come home and read some more. If I had a long day, I had some time in between to read up about things before managing their care. Don’t worry, my supervisor kept a good watch on me at all times.

I’ve been on a constant journey to try and better myself. Each day, I’m pushing my limits even further. I’m speaking my mind when I want to, and I have become a more daring person. I challenge people when I don’t understand, I ask questions and I take criticism.

I wish some things had gone differently. I wish I spent less time on academics and more time on extracurriculars. I wish I had more time for my hobbies. I wish I took on more leadership roles. I wish I did earlier placements. I wish I networked more. I wish I had more hours in a day. But all of that doesn’t matter, because wishing isn’t going to change anything. This year, there’s going to be more doing. More acting. And if I can’t do it all this year, I’ll keep going, and I won’t stop. I’ve got my foot on the gas pedal and I’m revving up. But I’m still a responsible adult so I’ll be cautious of the speed limit and other traffic on the street. I don’t want to crash and hurt anyone.

I haven’t had any breaks, but that’s okay because I’m happy. I’m happy doing what I do. My preceptor told me I’ll never be as interesting as I am right now. I accept the challenge. I don’t ever want to stop learning and being interested in all this.