My mind races to the beat of my radar ears

Thrump thrump thrump
Ambushed within cylindrical inclusion
“Good morning! Please take a seat.”
Tired raspy waaas by the babe since two a.m.
Moans emerge from the huddled hunched-over housecoat
Hack hack cough ptoo muffled behind surgical masks

Beep! The automatic doors slide open
Ding ding ding di-! Heart rate 100 silenced.
“You can’t keep me in here! GOD IS GREAT!”
“We need to intubate now.”
Shaaaa close the curtains

Beep! The automatic doors slide open
Silence in the corridors; OR suite clamors next door
Whirring drills, thirsty suctions, buzzing cautery
Beware the happy wheezes on the pediatrics floor

Up the stairs to content coos and belches in the NICU
Versus late epidurals aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeesssssss

Medicine and surgical wards dominate the other levels
Beds shuffle rehabilitation shuffle visitors shuffle
Nursing station chatter, team meeting mutters, CTU rounds stutter
Deeeeep breath leery pause deeeeep breath
Gasp gasp wheeze shushhhh oxygen needs increase
Demolished deliriums hushed hallucinations

My mind slows to the beat of my mellowed thoughts